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Welcome to small house, happy family. I'm Kate and I've spent the last six years turning our 1800 square foot house into the perfect home for our family of six. It might be tight at times, but we're making it work and I want to show you how!

When we bought our "starter house" six years ago, we thought we would live in it for five years and then move on to something bigger and better. We didn't anticipate how much we would fall in love with our house and neighborhood. It sounds crazy, but we're determined to raise our four daughters (Tempe, age 8; Helena, age 7; Juno, age 4; and Pearl, age 1) in our pretty little home

Here at small house, happy family I blog about a little of everything. I believe living small should be both functional and beautiful. I'm excited to share my ideas for making small houses into homes--with lots of kids' activities and ideas thrown in for fun, too!

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